CLS equips 29 skippers of beacons of location by satellite #VG2016

CLS installed its tracking equipment MAR YI and MAR VR tags to improve the safety of skippers and help organizers to support real-time progress of the Vendee Globe race.

MAR YI tag sends short message position, continuously and in real time by using Iridium satellite constellation. Thisinstallation balise par CLS beacon is lightweight, waterproof and shockproof, featuring 110-day autonomy. It has also an integrated button
that skippers can press to request assistance from the PC Course. Very safe, this satellite tag is useful for skippers and Race Direction to perform a very detailed analysis and establish a classification.

Another tag, MAR VR, sends a request for assistance in case of reversal of the boat. This Argos tag is designed to locate the boats returned during ocean races. Finally, the skippers are also equipped with a COSPAS-SARSAT beacon that sends a continuous signal in case of an emergency situation.

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