Marine environment

1476284448_geolocationMarine environment

20 years expertise in spatial oceanography and 100 oceanographers on-hand to guide the navigators

Using altimetric satellites commissioned to observe seas and oceans, CLS provides high resolution oceanographic data. Using real-time altimetric data (height of the ocean), CLS detects eddies and deduces the speed of their currents. Such current maps thus make it possible for navigators to optimise their routes. Today, CLS processes altimetric data from the Jason-3, Jason-2, Cryosat, Sentinel-3, Hy-2 and SARAL/ALTIKA satellites.

In addition to altimetric data, CLS also processes numerous ocean observation missions used to:

  • ascertain water surface temperature in real-time, an essential indicator for the survival of shipwreck casualties
  • ascertain the state of the sea (wind, waves) in very high resolution using radar satellites.

CLS provides oceanographic data for all seas and all oceans throughout the world.

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Map showing eddies on surface of ocean.
In red, we can see anticyclones (eddies that turn clockwise around ocean “ridges” – valuable for the Northern hemisphere) and in blues cyclones (eddies that descend ocean “troughs” in an anticlockwise direction – valuable for the Northern hemisphere). © CLS