Tracking and Assistance

Tracking and Assistance1476284426_lifebuoy

CLS offers solutions for all types of adventures and accompanies participants at each stage of their exploits. CLS customer service is present at each stage:

  • beacon delivery
  • installation
  • training
  • processing pre-coded messages
  • managing assistance requests

On the ocean

Over the last 20 years and more, CLS has already equipped tens of thousands of navigators. From sailing and rowing boats to windsurfers, all are equipped withreliable, shock-proof, hardened beacons, fully adapted to marine conditions and are monitored on all the oceans on our planet.

The beacons

  • The satellite-based tracking beacons have been specially developped by CLS for the marine environment and for adventures at sea. They have already proved their worth during the Solitaires du Figaro, Transat Jacques Vabre, Vendée Globe and also rowing exploits such as Bouvet Rames Guyane, etc. They automatically transmit signals to satellites, thus providing information on the location of their carrier as well as sending data.

    • The beacons transmit data to the CLS data processing centre that converts them to Argos positions or extracts GPS positions from it.
    • The skipper can use the beacons to transmit precoded messages or Man On Board messages. In the event of major difficulty, it can activate an assistance request.
    • The beacons can transmit signals from sailing boats, rowing boats, life rafts or from water (on condition that antenna is maintained above water). They also float.


  • The MAR VR beacon is designed to locate boats that have capsized during major ocean races using the Argos system. The beacon can beleft on board, once the crew have left the boat, making it possible to organise boat recovery operations.

    • The MAR VR beacon is powered by lithium batteries.
    • The unit containing the transmission electronics and the batteries is firmly fixed to the hull of the boat.
    • The half-wave antenna used is moulded into a sleeve, making it possible to insert it into the hull using a through-hull.